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2020 Direct IT Data Evidence Showing Wisconsin and Michigan Fraudulent Vote Reportine

Fiona Chen's Michigan Expert Report

Fiona Chen's Wisconsin Expert Report 

We are looking at the largest IT fraud in U.S. history. Below are confirmed events which happened. Some news media are trying to cover up to say that it is outliers, it was corrected in Michigan, or the Wisconsin votes are not more than the registered voters.

The issue is that the data were changed both in the computer system and not by vote ballot scans. Unless we forensic audit  the voting computer system, we cannot trust the data. The data were changed in more than 100,000 votes each time to have increased Biden's votes. We have no evidence that MI's votes were reduced for Biden at any time for that 138,339 votes. A computer system which will allow a user to input a negative (-138,339) to reduce votes is even less trustworthy than a system which lets a small county clerk increase vote, as some claim now, for 138,339 by a typo.

In Wisconsin, the net increased votes of 118,388 for Biden were never investigated or "corrected".

The issue is that the data were artificially changed and were able to be artificially changed in the computer system at this magnitude.

1) In MI, Biden suddenly increased 138,339 votes when no one else on the list including President Trump's vote number changed. Contemporary record of 7:17 am of 11/4/2020 graph still shows the effect of this increase.
2) In WI, when total vote increases 1%, from 12:59 am to 1:46 am PST, suddenly, Biden's vote increased 156,009 and Trump's vote increased 37,621. This total vote increase was 193,720.
According to this one percent (1%) increase, the WI population or voter registration needed to have been 11,937,200. But the entire WI total population is only 5,820,000. 

According to these contemporary data trends and screenshots, the fraudulent vote numbers were likely to have been input directly into the computer system without physically scan of vote ballots. That explains why the total number of votes increases but not the percentage change. The two numbers do not reconcile because the votes were not scanned in. The data number was changed directly from the database.

This is data dump can be done through manipulations of and  through computer systems. What we are sure is that it is data dump and it happened to have changed the vote count numbers and increased Biden's votes significantly. There is no conclusion on who did it. 

If we cannot get the access to the computer system yet, we can request the government to provide the detailed listings of the MI votes of 138,339 and WI of 193,720. In Michigan, the government needs to show when and how 138,339 was ever corrected and reversed. In WI, the government will need to show which counties sent in the numbers to make it 193,720 and how the percentage is not calculated correctly. 

Maybe when doing so, the governments can identify and find fraud for these two numbers on their own. It is best that citizen witnesses are allowed to observe when the governments go into the computer systems to verify. 

News media do not report this information. But some counter, fact check articles say problems were looked at and problems solved without showing exactly when and how the increased votes for Biden were reduced and corrected later, and when and how the problem was solved. The computer system is not forensic audited to see the magnitude of its problems and the root of the problem.

For WI, there is an argument, more like a hypothesis, saying that the vote surge is caused by everyone sending in their vote data at the same time. Even this argument is not proven by examination of the computer system. If that is the case, the total vote increase would have corresponded with the percentage of vote increase because they would have changed at the same time and at the same speed.

That is the importance of the WI case. The inconsistency of the two numbers proves that the vote number change is not a result of everyone sending information into the system at the same time. Otherwise, the voter percentage increase will be increased at the same time because that column of data would have been tabulated accordingly.

New York Times reported that the 138,339 number is an entry mistake by a clerk in a small MI county. If one person in a small county can make such a difference, the entire computer system needs to be audited when all votes are recounted. The entire computer result is not reliable. This New York Times report verified my expert opinion that the changes are done via data dumping in the computer system. We have proof It was increased. There is never a proof that it was corrected as claimed by New York Times to reverse and reduce Biden's vote for 138,339 at any time later. Below is the New York Time article.


The graph in the fourth illustration below shows the number going up until November 4, about 7:11 am. Therefore, if any data changed to have reduced Biden's votes for 138,339, that would have been after 7 am.  For that much a vote reduced for Biden, we would have heard about it.

In a way, technologically speaking, Trump can win Florida is because Florida opened its votes daily and published it daily. It would be very hard for a computer data dump such as the ones we are seeing here with more than 100,000 at once to have been done in Florida. 

The vote number change happened when the majority of the votes were reported so that the person who did it could have known how large a number to put in. For some states, this person may need to do the data dump several times to make sure to manipulate the result to come out for one side but not the other. Yet, for any hackers of a system, s/he would not want to stay in the system too long or for multiple times to make sure that trace is not shown or linked back to him/her.

We don't know whether a bug was placed in the computer system to do the data dump automatically with certain AI, math algorithm abilities.

If there were no contemporary screenshots done by vote watchers online as the ones here, we would never have known that these data dump happened. The examples here are the ones caught. How about the ones not caught?

The entire computer system for this voting report has to be forensic audited to identify the reason for each incidence, reverse the vote effect and broadly examine the extend of the entire impact. 

The benefit of having some screenshots as the event happened is that it is easire to find problem specifically with the pinpointed time period and range of amount of votes dumped.

If we are saying that a person can enter data wrongly to cause the number to change in more than 100,000, almost all the votes need to be recounted because we cannot trust any entered data by any person.

Below tables and graph are provided by Cathy Zhang of Sound of Hope Radio at San Jose, CA. "cathy.zhang" <cathy.zhang@bayvoice.net> According to Zhang, they also have information on the computer software and hardware which I did not examine and will not form an opinion. Their two Chinese talk show hosts in the U.S., Jiang Feng and Fang Wei, first reported the news and data on November 4, 2020. According to them, their audience sent in the contemporary data. I don't have infomration on who took the screenshots. These data are true because there have been articles published online trying to say problems solved. They at least admitted the data dumps happened. The YouTube program language is in Chinese but evidence of screen shots is shown in numbers and in English. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OWMDvGR0SM

There could be other screenshot takers having similar information. I am not saying that Sound of Hope Radio is the only entity with such information. 

Table 1. Wisconsin vote count on 11/4/2020 at 12:59 am

Table 2. Wisconsin Vote Count 11/4/2020 at 1:46 am

Table 3. Michigan Vote Count Change

Chart I. Accumulative MI Vote Count Lines of Trump and Biden

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